Anallergic materials for the mattress:

A very large number of people suffer from different types of allergies, in many cases, the symptoms are rather mild and consequently, not only is the problem underestimated, but it is not thought that these allergic reactions can be caused by their own mattress.

Dust mite allergy is an over-reaction of the immune system caused by mites, small arthropods normally found in any domestic environment and one of the most common respiratory allergies.

The mites can be found in blankets, sheets and mattresses that, gathering dust and small pieces of dead skin during the night, reveal their ideal habitat. In some cases, the symptoms of allergy are severe and debilitating, such as asthma or other respiratory disorders, but many other times reactions like sneezing or dermatitis do ignore not know that the cause is right in front of us.

The hypoallergenic mattresses are all those mattresses made with special materials and treated in such a way as to be suitable even for those with allergic sensitivities. Specific components and processes, in fact, make it possible to minimize the presence of mites and any other bacteria.

In the same way that we avoid a dish that we know not to digest easily, it is important to choose an anti-mite mattress so as to be able to prevent or avoid allergic reactions that do nothing but disturb sleep.

In fact, when you suffer from asthma or allergies, most likely there are many elements of our home that can trigger an attack. Choosing the right materials together with cleaning and home maintenance are the best way to find relief and health.

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The different types of hypoallergenic mattresses:

The materials that make up hypoallergenic mattresses reduce the risk of coming into contact with bacteria and mites because, being made with artificial fibers, they do not retain dust and do not create the ideal conditions for their proliferation.

Mattresses made of artificial fibers consist of hypoallergenic padding on both sides and are equipped with a coating that allows air to pass through, letting the mattress breathe and preventing the accumulation of dust and humidity.