Structure of a mattress: everything you need to know before buying:

Sleeping in a good mattress greatly increases the quality of sleep and consequently of our life. But the offer of mattresses is so varied that it is hard to decide. It is important to know what the structure of a mattress is before buying it.

Today we are going to help you learn a little more about mattresses. Here you can see all our offer of mattresses and who wants to know what mattress should buy, you cannot miss the ticket today.

The other day my mother told me, while we were having dinner, that she went to have a look at a mattress store. A boy was explaining the differences between them by their composition.

Using many technicalities and apparently returned home more confused than before. Who has not ever happened, that when asking for information about something, the answer has generated even more doubts?

When choosing a mattress it is very important to know its structure in order to distinguish them. So we go little by little, to see if we can clear some doubts that may arise when making the decision.

Structure of a mattress:

We start by naming the parts that comprise it:

Cover, upholstery, fabric or lid




It must be made of soft and durable fabrics such as Strech (the high-quality fabric that provides comfort and adaptability) and properly treated to offer a good rest.

It can be fixed or removable, choosing one or the other depends on the use and availability. (It is more common to find the “removable” option in latex mattresses and viscoelastic mattresses).

For a baby, a sick person or an elderly person is more practical a removable, because it facilitates cleaning.


It is the layer or layers that are in most of the mattresses under the cover and covering the core.

They provide comfort to the support of the body. They can be manufactured in different soft and adaptable materials (wool, cotton, combinations of fibers, polyester, latex, viscoelastic, etc).

Although the most used at present is the viscoelastic, the latex and the textile fiber. The first two will provide more adaptability, fiber, more breathability. Usually, the first ones are combined with the fiber.

It can be said that comfort will depend on the quantity and quality of the padding. And that usually more layers of padding, thicker mattress and higher price.

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